Welcome GuoAn Wei(魏国安)from Henan technical college of construction to be committee member!

A.Prof. GuoAn Wei (魏国安),

Henan technical college of constructionChina

Research Area:

Engineering management

Research experience: 


1. Advanced Individual of Henan Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Department;
2. First Prize "Excellent Instructor" in the 6th BIM Construction Management Sand Table and Software Application Competition of China Construction Association


1. Research on Bearing Capacity of Prestressed Concrete Pipe Pile Foundation for Highway Bridges, Highway Engineering, Chinese Core, No.1;
2. Policy Environment Analysis of Green Building Evaluation System in China and America, Building Technology, Chinese Core, No.1;
3. Chronology, Geochemical Characteristics and Tectonic Significance of Potassium Granite in Guangwushan Area, Northern Margin of Yangtze Plate, Mineral Rocks, Chinese Core, No.1;