Welcome Jing XU(徐菁)from Xi’an Kedagaoxin University to be committee member!

Lecturer. Jing XU (徐菁),

Xi’an Kedagaoxin UniversityChina

Research Area:

Green Building Design

Research experience: 

Engineering project

1.  Innovative Research Group Project in National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant: 51221865).

2. Project Supported by the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China (Grant: 51325803).


1. XU Jing. Influence of Different Shading Forms for Southward Windows on Indoor Daylighting in Xi’an, Building Energy Efficiency.

2. XU Jing, LIU Jiaping, LIU Dalong. Testing and Evaluation of Indoor Thermal Environment of Classrooms in Rural Primary Schools in Guangzhong Area in Winter, Building Science.

3. XU Jing , LIU Dalong. On Analysis of Optimal Installation Angle for Photovoltaic Array in Datong Region, Shanxi Architecture.