Welcome Wei Xie(谢维)from Institute of disaster prevention to be committee member!

Prof. Wei Xie (谢维),

Institute of disaster prevention

School of electronic science and control engineering,China

Research Area:

1. Intelligent control and information processing

2. renewable energy power generation.

Research experience: 


Published nearly 60 Journal Articles or Conference Papers. Got some Patents. Presided over nearly 50 projects of the nation or enterprises, Beijing Municipal Natural Science Foundation, and Beijing Municipal Education Commission.

Engineering project

1. Completed major national projects include: Shanghai World Financial Center complex distribution control and monitoring system; Beijing-Tianjin intercity high-speed railway complex distribution control system; Ministry of Aerospace a certain model of missile weapon system.

2. New finished projects include: Energy-saving scheduling method of power grid enterprises; Power balancing research for renewable energy power system; Maximum power point tracking research of the photovoltaic power generation based on sliding mode variable structure; Variable topology technology study of the photovoltaic power generation.