Welcome Paolo Vincenzo Genovese(罗杰威)from Tian Jin University to be committee member!

Prof. Paolo Vincenzo Genovese (罗杰威),

Tian Jin UniversityItaly

Research Area:

1. Eco-Village Theory and Planning;

2. Sustainable Architecture;

3. Historical and Traditional Village Architecture and Planning;

4. Restoration of Ancient Building;

5. Agent and Cellular Automata Simulation applied in Traditional Village.

Research experience: 

Academic title

GENOVESE PAOLO VINCENZO, graduated from the School of Architecture and Environmental Technology, Milan Polytechnic University, Italy, Ph.D., full-time professor, master's and doctoral tutor, director of the Bionic Building and Planning Research Center, and deputy director of the International Exchange Office. With the responsibility of Paolo, the master's double-degree cooperation project between the School of Architecture of Tianjin University and the Department of Architecture of Sassari University was promoted, and also led to the cooperation agreement between Tianjin University and more than 10 famous universities in the world. 

1. He is visiting professor at the University of Rome, Politecnico di Milano;

2. Member of the Italian think tank of the International Organization ASPEN INSTITUTE Institute;

3. The Italian-Chinese special working group of the Italian Minister of Economic Development, Michele Geraci;

4. The special resources and environmental governance of the arid zone in Yinchuan University - China International Joint Laboratory Consultant.

5. In 2010, he won the “Haihe Friendship Award” in Tianjin, 2018 was awarded the title of Excellent Foreign Student Tutor of Tianjin University;

6. In 2019, he was a special expert of the Foreign Expert Advisory Committee of Beijing Global Talent Exchange Association and became the global talent exchange ambassador.

Engineering project

1. He has presided over the completion of two projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China on ecological villages and the new standard fund project of Tianjin New Green Residential Area.
In 2004, he served as technical consultant of the Italian Ministry of Territory and Environmental Protection, and was responsible for the implementation and drawings. 

3. He participated in the Tsinghua Sino-Italian Environmental and Energy Saving Building Project. 

4. In 2007, he presided over the completion of the repair project of the former residence of Tianjin Puyi, Jingyuan. 

5. In 2019, he presided over the restoration of the Fujian Anhai Shijing Academy. 

6. In 2018, it was commissioned by the National Development and Reform Commission's China Urban and Small Town Reform and Development Center to design and design projects for the impoverished villages of Lindian County, Heilongjiang, and Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, and hosted more than 50 architectural design and planning projects at home and abroad.


He published 7 monographs such as "Space Pollution", "Light and Shadow of Chinese Cities", "Balance and Harmony in Traditional Chinese Architecture", "Cubism in Architecture" and "East and West Architecture", and co-published 15 books and more than 600 papers. He has served as a keynote speaker at many international academic conferences, and has taught more than 70 doctoral and postgraduate tutors from 24 countries. His students have won numerous papers and design competition awards.