Welcome Gang Li(李刚) from Xijing University to be committee member!

A. Prof. Gang Li (李刚),

Xijing University

Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Safety and 

Durability of Concrete Structures, China

Research Area:

(1) Study on creep characteristics and microscopic mechanism of soil;  

(2) Study on micro-mechanism and numerical method of electro-osmotic consolidation of soft clay foundation.

Research experience: 

Engineering project

(1) Numerical simulation and model test of soil mass of reclamation project in Dalian Airport Industrial Park; 

(2) Experimental study on cyclic creep of caisson breakwater and cofferdam structure.

(3) He is mainly engaged in the research work of marine soil mechanics test and numerical simulation. 

(4) He has successively participated in 2 general (key) projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and presided over 2 projects of the Shaanxi Provincial Education Department and the Talent Start-up Fund of Xijing University Special Zone.


He has published 17 journal articles, including 2 articles in SCI, 7 articles in EI, 4 articles in CSCD and 3 articles in core journals. He has been invited for many times as Editorial Board Member, Lead Guest Editor and external reviewers of international journals.